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04 November 2001
Welcome to the website for the 49th Armoured Personnel Carrier Regiment! We are the British equivalent of the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment, and are pleased to be a part of their excellent site on the subject of the Kangaroos, that unique organization of armoured troop-carrying tanks which revolutionized modern warfare.
Our inclusion in the 1CACR website needs a note of introduction. As with the Canadian Kangaroos, we of the 49th were disbanded in situ shortly after the war, and went our own ways to pick up our lives as best we could. Today, like 1CACR, we only have a small, ad-hoc Regimental Association formed and maintained by the few of us who have kept in touch through the years.
Once Tony Booth acquired a computer and learned the wonders of the internet, one of the first things he went looking for was information on 'Kangaroos'; unfortunately for us, there has been precious little written about us and our Canadian cousins, anywhere. When Tony finally found the 1CACR site, and made contact with its administrator, Geoff Winnington-Ball, we were overjoyed to learn that at least this one small part of history has been preserved.
Tony and Geoff's conversations through email ultimately culminated in the creation of this 49th APCR section of the 1CACR website. We are very pleased that after almost 60 years, our two Kangaroo regiments are together again! Together with our Canadian friends and fellow Kangaroos, our greatest pride is that we saved countless lives in the performance of our duty, and were able to make a significant contribution to shortening a war which had already gone on for far too long, at far too heavy a cost.
We hope that you will enjoy these pages on our Regiment, and that the information contained herein will become part of the historical record from which future generations can learn.
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