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Welcome to the Home Page for the 49th APCR Association, the British Kangaroos of the 79th Armoured Division!
We are the men, formerly of the 49th Royal Tank Regiment, who were to follow in the footsteps of the only Canadians in our 79th Armoured Division, the famous "Kangaroos", the first to employ full-tracked armoured personnel carriers on the European battlefield.
Based upon their obvious success, our Regiment was tasked with providing a similar "battle-taxi" service to augment that of the hard-pressed and popular 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment. Like many of the Canadians, we had been in the fray since Normandy, in other jobs, but truly excelled once converted to "Kangaroos" ourselves.
It was a concept which proved critical to the surviveability of infantry in the attack and eventually became the cornerstone for all infantry operations on the modern battlefield.
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Along with the Canadians of 1CACR, we of the 49th are proud of our heritage of being among the first to implement this revolutionary new idea.
Please take a moment to visit with us here to learn of our accomplishments and of what they cost us. We remember the men we left behind with respect and affection. They Shall Never Grow Old, As We Grow Old.
Thank you to the veterans of the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment  Association for permitting us to share their web space. The Kangaroos are together again!
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